Word Association 488

1. Progress :: right now, my progress in mastering the brazil location in mafia wars is at 27/32 job tiers complete.
2. Exchange Rate :: the current exchange rate for the tropical isles platinum dollar is 1 platinum dollar = $2.7132.
3. No Secrets :: I love that band. ♥ .
4. Nation States :: “Tropical Isles is ranked 1st in Tropical Isles and 589th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates, scoring 343 on the Relative Freedom From Crime Index.”.
5. Wikipedia :: letter to wikipedia: “hey, wikipedia it’s jay here. hope you’re happy deleting my user page. instead of teaching me how to properly use your site, you went all half-cocked and deleted everything I’ve written on your site. after watching what you did to me, the world does not want to use your resources. nobody does. I hope it was worth it deleting yet another user page. am I now among the many, many nameless victims you’ve targeted? – would be contributor, jay myers (hurricane jay).”.
6. Phobias :: 2 strange phobias I have are accidentally opening the car door on the highway and being on a bridge when the big one hits. I’m not scared of bridges nor earthquakes, just the thought of being on a bridge when the big one hits.
7. Dream :: last night, I dreamed I went back to jr high. I didn’t like it so I said in the dream that I wanted to wake up. in real life I loved jr high (just not my 8th grade year) but in the dream I didn’t.
8. Coordinates :: among my location interests, 2 of them are in coordinate format. they are not coordinates to my room or clubhouse, but they’re coordinates to the site where the noodle was invented and the site where the skyscraper was born.br />
9. Invention :: my favorite inventions are instant noodles, the skyscraper, and currency. my least-favorite invention is the atomic bomb and the gun. I think the atomic bomb caused more problems than it created and we can do without the gun, with sandy hook being a prime reason why.
10. CD :: I bought a software cd that is called, “christian desktop” today. I bought it because I thought it’d look good next to my comptom study bible software cd. it was only 1 dollar so I thought, “why not?”.

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